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IEEPA President Hao Jiming went to Zhuhai to guide the construction of the IEEPA Special Committee on Green Mine

On October 29-30, 2018, at the invitation of the Preparatory Group of the IEEPA Special Committee on Green Mine (IEEPA-SCGM), IEEPA President Hao Jiming and Vice President, Secretary-General Li Junyang, together with their staff, went to Zhuhai to investigate and guide and the construction of the IEEPA-SCGM.


Firstly, President Hao Jiming listened to the report on the overall working ideas of the IEEPA-SCGM. President Hao Jiming affirmed the goal of the IEEPA-SCGM, which is to promote green-, low-carbon- and sustainable development of Chinas Mining Industry.


Vice President Li Junyang said that, under the background of the new era, the Preparatory Group should keep an eye on the general planning and requirements of the State for the Construction of Ecological Civilization, follow the guidance of documents and policies issued by ministries and commissions, construct high-level scientific and technological platform for Green Mine in order to promote the high-quality development of China''s mining industry. Meanwhile, relying on the committee, the Preparatory Group should build enterprises that meet the national ecological environment standards and lead green-, low-carbon- and sustainable development of Chinas Mining Industry.

President Hao Jiming and his delegation also went to the suburb to investigate the "Yandun Mountain Land Leveling and Greening Project".


Yandun Mountain is located in Qianwu Town, Doumen District, Zhuhai City. After years of non-standard excavation, the ecological damage is serious, the topsoil is peeled off, the rock is exposed, and the slope is high and steep. There are serious soil erosion phenomena and hidden dangers of geological hazards. In this case, the local government take measures to restore the ecological environment of the region through a series of processes, such as leveling earthwork, cleaning up dangerous rocks and restoring vegetation ecology, so as to make it meet the ecological environment standards.


President Hao Jiming pointed out that, we should actively practice the theory that "green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", promote the sustainable development of China''s green Mine industry. By uniting more mineral enterprises and professional scholars, guided by the principle of ecological economy, adjusting production technology, optimizing production layout, developing and applying new technologies and equipment, and formulating new standards, we can jointly walk out of the road of green ecological development of mines.

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