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IEEPA Held 13th Five-Year Period Project Research Report on the ¡°Impact Prediction for China¡¯s Public Urban Air Quality On Health and Environment¡± Seminar

On July 24th, 2016, the 13th Five-Year Period Project Research Report on the ¡°Impact Prediction for China¡¯s Public Urban Air Quality On Health and Environment¡± Seminar was organized by International Ecological Economy Promotion Association (IEEPA), co-organized by Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CSES), presented by Public Environment Air and Health Specialized Committee in conference center of Beijing International Hotel. Here is the attendance list: State Environmental Protection Department, Peasants and Workers Democratic Party, China Disease Prevention and Control Center, Environmental Planning Institute of Environment Department, Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, Peking University, Nankai University, Nanjing University, Capital University of Economics, Excepts from Chinese Medical Association; Jiang Minglin, Counselor of State Council; Wang Yuqing, President of CSES; Wang Jirong, Former Vice-President of Peasants and Workers Democratic Party; Hu Baolin,IEEPA Chief Policy Expert, Former Deputy Director of State Council Three Gorges Office, Former Party Member of Environment Protection Department; Li Qingrui, Director of Administrative Personnel Division of State Environmental Protection Department; Hou Lian,Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; Wang Jinnan, Deputy President and General Engineer of Environment Planning Institute of State Environment Protection Department, Central Ecological Environment Committee of Peasants and Workers Party; Feng Yinchang, IEEPA Standing Director, Chairman of National Urban Environmental Particulate Pollution Prevention and Treatment Key Laboratory; Li Xun, IEEPA Standing Director,Deputy President of Chinese Urban Planning and Designing Institute; Dai Zizhu, Researcher of Chinese Diseases Prevention and Control Center; Zhang Jinliang, Researcher of Chinese Environmental Science Research Institute and Person In Charge of Environment Pollution and Health Laboratory;Wang Qingeng, School of the Environment Nanjing University; Capital University of Economics and Business; Gao Guilin, Vice Chairman of Beijing Municipal Law Association of Environment and Resources Law Research Society;Liu Zhaorong, Vice President of School of Environmental Sciences and Engineering of Peking University; Experts from other governmental departments, research organizations and industries. The seminar was compered by Li Junyang, IEEPA Vice Chairman and Secretary-General.

At present, air pollution becomes severe and threatening in China. Particularly in the key areas with relatively dense populations and major cities, the public suffer more serious health damages. Numerous studies indicate that in a certain concentration, a variety of contaminant particles in the air cause damage to human multiple systems and organs and has a significant impact on mortality, which has attracted extensive attention of ordinary people, scientific community and the government.

On June 27th, 2016, a special report on energy and air pollution released by The International Energy Agency (EIA) pointed out that air pollution has become the fourth major threat after hypertension, dietary risk, smoking. And at June 11th before that the report released by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development£¨OECD£© stated that the number of premature death due to air pollution can reach 9 million maximally a year in global by 2060. At the same time,the air pollution will cause incalculable damages to global economies as well. The economic losses caused by air pollution account for 0.63% of GDP annually In Korea, which ranks top of the OECE countries in economic losses. The proportion of the EU's major four countries account for 0.11% of GDP, the United States account for 0.21% of GDP, Japan account for 0.42% of GDP, while China will account for 2.63% of GPD.

Chief policy expert of IEEPA, director of the Policy Advisory Committee ,former vice director of the Three Gorges Office of the State Council ,and former member of the Environmental Protection Department ,Hu Baolin pointed out that study of air environment and health of the public people, should provide a better basis for national policy. The key to new revised environmental law¡¯s implementation, is to put it into practice, which requires a support of lots of scientific researches. Build the platform and design the project through the work of the association. Provide the basis for national policy and industry instruction step by step through the research results obtained.

Hou Lian, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, stated at the conference that public ambient air study lies in indoor public air and health impact assessment, which involves several issues. Correspondence between air pollution and human health.At present, atmospheric air quality damaging to human still deserves to study.The overall quality of atmospheric environment is improving, although they have not reached the national standard of our country, but the effect is still evident.We still shoulder heavy responsibilities for  Indoor pollution control or pollution control of public environment or air pollution control.The main reason is not clear pollution characteristics, few accumulation of emission factors research base  and data on human health risk assessment research, when it comes to health risk, the assessment was accounted for less than 10% of the interior.Currently air purifiers market is not standardized and quite a mixed bag, last year, the data show that the top three are foreign products in China's total sales, such as: fresh air system, developed countries send outside air into the interior to solve indoor carbon dioxide problem. There is rising concentration of carbon dioxide in the numbers, but the purification effect is not high, because its atmosphere and the air quality is very good. However we can not even meet the primary standards of it. Therefore not all the foreign air purification equipment are better.

Director-general of the administrative personnel office of the state environmental protection department, Li Qingrui stated 3 opinions . First, carry out research in accordance with the law. China establishes and improves the environment and health investigation and evaluation , risk detection and health monitoring and evaluation system, encourages and organizes to carry out the research on the effects of environmental quality, takes measures to prevent and control diseases associated with environmental pollution. Second, highlight subject point. How to get the relevant content of environment and health involved, and combine the improvement of the environment quality and public health, this makes sense. Planning revision is also constantly improving, including planning of state council, specialized planning, and regulations and normative documents. Third, put the achievements into use. We need to propagandize the reports and results, calls on the society to actively participate in environmental protection.

Vice president and chief engineer of the state Environmental Protection Department , vice-chairman of the Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party¡¯s Central Eco-Environmental Committee, Wang Jinnan called for pollution health consensus as soon as possible at the meeting. He suggested that, during the 13th five-year-plan period ,China should set ¡°environment and health¡± technological project; carry out study of air pollution epidemiology and toxicology; study air pollution especially PM2.5 pollution¡¯s acute and chronic effects to citizen¡¯s health and its mechanism of action; establish the exposure - response relationship of the air pollution and people¡¯s health in our country; scientifically evaluate on the economic losses caused by air pollution on public health in our country, and set up a compensation system to public ¡®s loss caused by atmospheric pollution.

Vice-chairman concurrently secretary general Li Junyang said: air pollution¡¯s damage to people¡¯s health is not unique to China or developing countries. in the worldwide, more than 80% of the people living in urban areas breathing in the air, which is not to the world health organization (WHO) recommended standard; Air pollution can be divided into outdoor and indoor air pollution. Outdoor air pollution is affected directly by the atmospheric environmental pollution, and indoor air pollution is not only affected by atmospheric pollution, but also affected by various harmful materials which exceeds standard, such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and radioactive radon. Death caused by air pollution, most is due to indoor air pollution. Developed countries are also affected by the air pollution .Europeans¡¯ average life expectancy is shorten for about a year because of air pollution . If the air quality is not effectively improved, air pollution¡¯s damage to people¡¯s health will be increasing in many countries in the worldwide.

Standing director of IEEPA, director of National Key Laboratory for Prevention and Control of Particle Pollution in Urban Environment ,Feng Yinchang thought the air quality had been improved a lot since China released ¡°10 Articles of the atmosphere¡± .But it is still a long way to go to achieve the 35 index of particle .There are a lot of corresponding incentive mechanism and policy about environment and health in the National Key Science and Technology Special Projects. We need to do more research to predict and assess lung cancer, tumour and other serious illness caused by air pollution. The public environment includes outdoor and indoor environment. Many conclusions about outdoor environment are very authoritative, members National Clean Air Panel did a lot of work. The indoor air and the public environment can't be independent of outdoor air, and also has a close relationship with ambient air quality standard. Environmental health standard is based on strict data judgment, we should grasp the time node, and make conclusion according to the data and fact.

Standing director of IEEPA, vice President of the China academy of urban planning and design ,Li Xun, gave a speech at the meeting. He said that people who lived in the city paid attention to the air quality in public place. In the core value of the green building, the health and environmental protection is in the first place. The safety and health is in the first place, and then it is about energy conservation, land conservation and material conservation; Passive House should emphasize natural ventilation, natural lighting, vertical greening, roof greening. It emphasizes more on passive technology, using solar energy to drive the earth to go forward, rather than transforming the solar energy into silicon, this is the green building¡¯s highlight.

Dai Zizhu, a researcher at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention made a theme report at the meeting. He pointed out that the World Health Organization reported on May 28th, indoor air pollution led to the deaths of 4.3 million people worldwide each year, outdoor air pollution led to the deaths of 3.7 million people, indoor air pollution was more serious than outdoor air pollution and also included tens of thousands of pollutants, which could have synergy effect in human¡¯s body ; air quality is a hot spot at present , it needs all sectors of society to work together to formulate standards .In the future, fresh air purification system will usher in the development of high speed, but it relies on technical progress and long-term efforts to have a breakthrough.

Researcher of Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, director of the Environmental Pollution and Health Laboratory ,Zhang Jinliang, made a theme speech at the meeting. He stated that urban population increased sharply along with China¡¯s rapid urbanization. This project is the research of urban public environment. It is very meaningful and imperative. At the 69th World Health Assembly, the WHO put forward the lines to control pollution, including health education. One of the lines pointed out that matching the air pollution control with the performance and response to sustainable development and climate change. Considering this, promoting the management of air pollution and health protection will have a stronger impetus, and better reasons.

Wang Qingeng, School of the Environment Nanjing University spoke at the meeting that it plays a significant role to emphasize indoor air pollution due to the majority of people expose to outdoor longer than indoor.       Indoor pollution and outdoor pollution are closely connected and relatively independent. The source of the former is more complicated but is easier to be controlled. It is effective to mitigate the impact of air pollution to human health through appropriate policies and technical means, particularly those sensitive populations like the old, the young and the sick. At the present, on the one hand, the basic researches of air pollution source, features and health effects should be vigorously strengthen, especially the difference between region, the urban and rural and group; On the other hand, we should actively promote the research of indoor pollution control technology .Air pollution and health have been listed into the national key science and technology Special Projects. The first part of the national key science and technology Special Projects is the incentive mechanism,the second part is research of pollution and health incentives mechanism. Therefore, our government has invested a lot in protecting environment and health. When occurs to health, the hospitals must be involved in, accurate data is very precious and rare. At the first step of researching, we would not start from the basis but macroscopic and big-data perspective to analyze and research, and summarize methods on basis of statistic law and foreign research results. There exists difference of applicability of method  and localization, which is very important to solve.We should present forecasts and suggestions, including control and scientific research. It is so important to get accurate time node that we can be able to organize people.

Gao Guilin, professor of law college of Capital University of Economics and Business, vice president of Beijing law society environment and resource law seminar, gave a speech at the meeting. He said ,there were  two places in the New Environmental Law which mentioned the public health :One is about the purpose of lawmaking. It is to ensure public health. The other is that country establishes and improves the environment and the health monitoring and risk assessment system, and encourages and organizes to carry out the research of environmental quality¡¯s impact on public health. Taking measures to prevent and control diseases associated with environmental pollution, is now a priority.

Due to different air pollution levels, pollutant composition and population composition in different cities of China, health problems caused by air pollution also differ. Therefore, based on existing research results at home and abroad, fully integrated pollution levels based on different cities, population distribution, etc. Carry out health impact assessment for different kinds of pollution factors is of great significance for further understanding the health effects of air pollution, scientifically setting objectives for environmental air quality, and effective in air pollution control.

To actively promote the improvement of urban public environment air and health impact related problems, IEEPA launched research of "the urban public environment air and health impact assessment and report project" during the 13th five-year plan period. At this conference, IEEPA announced to start preparations for the project ¡®s formal establishment. The project will carry study on "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region" firstly. In addition to the study of the overall impact of atmospheric pollution to urban citizen¡¯s health, it will also focus on public place where urban public people and susceptible population gather, such as hospitals, schools, shopping malls, and office buildings . Carry out On-the-spot investigation, make data model to analyze trend, and put forward improvement suggestions.

Report of research results will be submitted to high level leaders through the national environmental and health work leading group, the counselor office of the State Council, the state Environmental Protection Department and other channels. And the project research results will be released to the public, calling on the whole society to work together to deal with the challenge of "urban public environment air and health impact".

At present, in order to strengthen environmental health risk management, promote environmental and health work into the Legalized track, Chinese government has put "to protect the public health", "establish the environmental and health risk management system" and other elements into the general rules of the Environmental Protection Law and article 39. Nation has set up National Environmental and Health Work Leading Group, and set up the National Environmental and Health Work Leading Group work and coordination mechanism.

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