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Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection Industry and Development Exchange Jointly Held by IEEPA and Austrian Embassy in China

On 18th August 2015, ¡°Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection Industry and Development Exchange & Reception to Membership Development Projects¡± was jointly held in Austrian Embassy by International Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Association (IEEPA) and Austrian Embassy in China, in order to help Chinese companies to better understand and follow policies and measures issued by relevant ministries and commissions. Officials and experts currently working in departments, bureaus or centres of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Energy Administration and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shared research results with, gave advice on development to and provided intellectual support for leaders of member companies and entrepreneurs from across the country. This was to help industry speed-up in China.

This exchange meeting has built a collaborative platform where cooperation information could be published by companies and sent to all participating companies by IEEPA¡¯s Membership Department. The Trading Bureau of Austrian Embassy will provide help for collaborative projects with foreign companies. The meeting has provided policy consulting and support for expanding market cooperation to a great extent.

Irene Giner-Reichl (H.E. Ambassador of Austria), Li Qingrui (Director General of Policy and Law Department of Ministry of Environmental Protection), Ni Xiaojing (Counselor (Deputy Director-General Level) of the European Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Gong Xiaofeng (Director of International Economic and Technical Cooperation Center of Ministry of Industry and Information) attended the meeting and give keynote speech. They have analysed relevant and supporting measures on industrial development of energy conservation and environmental protection. Through this platform, member companies received advice on seizing market opportunities brought by new investment environment, expanding perspective to globalised development, wisely plan development in order to face challenges. Li Junyang, Secretary-General of IEEPA, held this meeting.

Irene Giner-Reichl, H.E. Ambassador of Austria expressed in her speech that Austria and China has had very good relationship for a long time and in-depth trading cooperation. Energy conservation and environmental protection is main development direction, where there is still more space for two countries to cooperate. She hoped companies from both countries could intensify cooperation through the Austrian Embassy in China. H.E. Ambassador highly agreed on the ¡°New Normal¡± stressed by President Xi Jinping. This industry needs more development where Austria and China could make joint efforts.

Ni Xiaojing, Counselor (Deputy Director-General Level) of the European Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in his speech that IEEPA has always been contributing greatly to promote cooperation on China-Europe environmental protection, playing a leading role in green and low carbon. The Chinese government has issued a series of regulations, law and important measures to cope with global-wide challenges of climate change. China has actively participated in international cooperation against climate change, cooperated with Europe on international productivity and exploited cooperation of third-party market together. Furthermore, China has respond to requires against climate change from the UN, together with the US, the EU and other partners promoted this mission, communicate on collaborative initiative and joint ventures of Europe and intensified cooperation on carbon emission trading. He also expressed that China could combine its advantage in equipment manufacturing with equipment technology and devices in this field. This could be achieved through joint ventures cooperation.

Counselor Ni said, with great focus and support from Chinese leaders, China-Europe cooperation against climate change has been promoted to a fairly high level in bilateral relationship. Three-party cooperation developed by China and Europe indicates a new prospect of China-Europe practical cooperation, which will brings wider market and better and more business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Li Qingrui, Director General of Policy and Law Department of Ministry of Environmental Protection) gave his keynote speech on ¡°development and supporting policies of energy conservation and environmental protection¡± and gave in-depth analysis. He pointed out that energy conservation and environmental protection industry is the first cross-industry, cross-field and cross-region one among all emerging industries. Innovative highlight of the new Environmental Protection Law is due to stressing coordination of development and environmental protection. At present, this industry includes pollution prevention and control, improve eco-environment, protecting resources, and providing material foundation and technological guarantee. It is characterised by wide-range permeability for national economy and highly public-good nature. Sewage treatment is a critical mission and has space for development in China, where experience of forei

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