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Reception on Ecological Technology Innovation Held Successfully in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse

On Mar 20, 2015, IEEPA held the reception on ecological technology innovation where Qu Geping, Honorary Chairman of IEEPA and Former Member of Environmental Resources Committee of NPC, Wang Yuqing, Former Vice Minister of National Environmental Protection and State Department Counselor, Ge Zhirong, Former Vice Director of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China, Yin Chengjie, Former Vice Minister of Agriculture, Duan Ning, Academician of the Chinese Engineering Academy, Wu Hua, President of the Council of the Western Returned Scholars Association attended and negotiated ways to advance technical innovation and innovation in enterprise development and promote upgrade in traditional industries so as to realize win-win outcomes between economic gains and environmental protection.

Qu Geping, Honorary Chairman of IEEPA and Former Member of Environmental Resources Committee of NPC attended the activity

Jiang Minglin, Academician of the State Council and Former Vice Director of the Councilors¡¯ Office

According to Jiang Minglin, Councilor of the State Council and Former vice Director of the Councilors¡¯ Office, it is of great significance to hold the reception in supporting development and innovation of enterprises. At present, there is still inadequacy in technical innovation in modern agriculture, afforestation and ecological protection. The LED Light Conversion Technologies developed by Aobo Group are encouraging steps and the scientific innovation and research in light conversion materials is in line with green development and scientific innovation. On the other hand, special funds should be provided to enterprises¡¯ scientific innovation. However, it takes such a long time to recover the money involved, thus discouraging the enthusiasm of private enterprises.

According to him, exploring more funding channels for SMEs should be put high on the agenda of the government. Financial reforms ought to be enhanced. For enterprises, in addition to banking loans, financial difficulties can also be resolved via joint stock partnership, crowdfunding and venture investment. Meanwhile, scientific cooperation should also be broadened, for instance, light-conversion glass made by AoBo after combining traditional glass industry with new materials industry now enjoy great prospects in ecological agriculture, vegetables and flowers plantation and afforestation.

As Secretary General Li Junyang mentioned in his welcoming speech, Mar 20 is officially set by the UN General Assembly as the ¡°International Happiness Day¡± with an ultimate goal of enabling human beings to enjoy the rights of happiness. Happiness is an important need for all human beings and also the common goal and expectation of the world as a whole. Today, we have achieved great economic gains and enjoyed better life, yet happiness in its real sense can not just be measured via economic index, but based on a key standard: happy living environment and harmony between man and nature. Thus, economic and environmental sustainable development is a win-win model that we should build.

He also pointed out that hopefully the activity today can help serve as a new starting point in advancing innovation in economic and environmental sustainable development.

Wang Bao¡¯an, President of Aobo Group briefed us on the research and application of LED light conversion materials to generate Nano red and blue light that can increase plans growth rate and reduce growing cycle, reduce damage by insects, avoid using pesticides and fertilizers and minimize environmental pollution brought about.

Professor Lei Xuejun, Director of the Carbon Circular Studies Center of Central South University of Forestry and Technology also introduced his experience in implementation of fast-growing grass-carbon emission reduction program. He said that fast-growing grass is a plant that can absorb carbon dioxide developed by Central University of Forestry and increase biomass energy production by a large margin to make up for straws power generation inadequacy in replacing fossil fuels. The fast-growing grass can be made into clean energy products in the solid, liquid and gas state. Now about 200 thousand hectares of fast-growing grass land have been developed and sequestrated 688 tons of carbon products, equivalent to a sequestration of 100 tons of carbon dioxide and applied 39 patents.

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