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WEC 2014 Annual Meeting on Green and Low-Carbon Transformational Development Successfully Held

The meeting consists of four sessions: first session is about speeches; second session includes two rounds of top talks, each lasting for 70 min, with the topic of ¡°Economic Situation & the Driving Force of Global Innovation of Energy and Low-Carbon¡± and ¡°Urban Development & Environmental Economy¡± respectively; the third session is Awarding Ceremony for Green and Low-Carbon Transformational Development; the fourth session is about welcoming banquet and gifts and blessings. All the four sessions involve the participation of people from all circles of society in exchanging views, pooling wisdom and advancing low-carbon progress and ecological civilization. At the conference, Ni Xiaojing, Counsellor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs plays the host.

Du Xiangwan, Director of the National Climate Change Expert Committee and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Duan Ning, a senior scholar in clean production, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Director of the National Clean Production Center delivered a keynote speech.

According to Du Xiangwan, low-carbon development can bring about profound social transformation. He noted that China¡¯s economy, thought enjoying great development, is a high-carbon one with per capita GDP equivalent to almost two times that of the world¡¯s average. The main reason behind our high-carbon development is overdevelopment of high energy consumption industries and resources waste. Du said that instead of taking on the path of high-carbon development, we should turn to a low-carbon one featuring new growth areas, economic restructuring and high-quality development so as to advance modernization.

Duan Ning mentioned in his speech that clean production approaches need to be introduced to treat pollution in a comprehensive manner and at the same time enhance efforts to carry out end-of-pipe control.

Canadian Ambassador to China Guy Saint-Jacques introduced Canadian experience in carbon capture and sequestration. Austrian Ambassador to China Irene Giner-Reichl said that as China is undergoing renewable energy transformation, application of renewable energy can make the city green and environment-friendly. Low-carbon economy should be an important driver of the economy. According to Mohamed Faisal, Ambassador to China of Maldives, technology and investment in sustainable development lies in the key to address environmental pressure in his country of thousands of population. As Garo Batmanian, Director of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Environment and Expert in Chief of the World Bank referred, environmental degradation can not only affect the economy, but affect people¡¯s health. John Edwards, Coordinator from FAO gave his view on sustainable development from the global perspective.

Officer of Industrial Development of UNIDO Adegboyega Ajani mentioned in his welcoming speech that after five years of cooperation with IEEPA, we have made efforts to promote green development that benefits the world as a whole. He hopes that all people present can participate in advancing the agenda of green development and share views with each other so as to take a proactive approach toward energy conservation and environmental protection.

According to Hans Dencker Thulstrup, Officer of Nature and Science of UNESCO in China, by promoting low-carbon development, balanced social development can be realized. Sustainable policy support is necessary in addressing environmental problems caused by economic development.

According to Li Junyang, Secretary General of IEEPA, environmental protection is a concept required by national and social sustainable development and an important component of green low-carbon transition, ecological development and co-existence between man and nature. It concerns all sectors of society, all enterprises and everyone involved. Environmental protection is a concept that should be deeply rooted in all enterprises, products and enterprises. It represents all the responsibility that we should abide by. Environmental benefits can also bring economic benefits. Only when we seize the nature of win-win development between economic development and environmental protection, can fundamental changes be brought about to the country, society and living environment.

Ma Shengrong, Former Vice President and Executive Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Xinhua News Agency mentioned that the annual session is not only held to promote low-carbon development, but to encourage efforts in advancing green transformation. It is not only an annual forum, but also a session of demonstration and exchanges, a session that rewards pioneers in the field and sets them as a role model.

WEC, the World Economic and Environmental Conference, initially founded in 2008, has been held for six times. At present, efforts are made to prepare for the seventh meeting, in which innovation will be carried out in organizing mechanism and topics in green and low-carbon development and good enterprises experience will be shared.

WEC is aiming to establishing a platform for e

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