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2015 32th Issue: Zhang Hongtao: A Long Way to Go For Haze Control in China

Zhang Hongtao: Councilor of the State Council

Haze prevention and control is an urgent issue for China. It remains a huge and arduous task for our country. Disproportionate energy mix is a major obstacle. With about 70% of coal consumption in total energy consumption, it is difficult to reduce it to 30% to meet with international standards within six years. Technical innovation is needed to improve energy efficiency of coal-fired power plants, cement plants, steel plants, and fertilizer plants. Carbon dioxide emission from small restaurants or heating equipment of shanty towns is also difficult to control.

Clean energy is another aspect for adjustment of national energy mix. Raising proportions of clean energy including wind power, solar power and biomass remains difficult challenges. Against such a background, we need to make efforts to control haze, reduce carbon dioxide emission and nurture a clean environment for us to live. All of us present should shoulder the responsibility and tackle existing challenges with our utmost efforts.

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