Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability
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2015 31th Issue: Mohamed Faisal: Assistance from Developed Countries are Needed for Maldives

Mohamed Faisal: Ambassador of Maldives to China

Global Warming will surely bring disastrous results to Maldives due to resulted rising sea levels. Therefore, we have to nurture a clean environment to live. As for Maldives, diesel is largely used for power generation. So how to balance economic development and environmental protection remains a problem for us.

The government of Maldives is now trying to apply green technology to power generation, like wind power and solar energy. We hope that a sustainable way can be introduced in applying green energy.

We hope that industrialized and developed countries can offer us a helping hand in reducing carbon dioxide emission. We have established a federation representing the interests of small island countries to voice our views on environmental protection. We do hope that major countries, like China, US and Germany can give us some green technical support.

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