Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability
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2015 30th Issue: Jiang Minglin: Scientific and Systematic Approach should be Introduced to Avoid Further Expansion of Pollution

Jiang Minglin: Councilor of the State Council

It is of great importance that ideas should be given high attention in low-carbon development. Mentality transformation is needed for green development, which involves decision-makers of the government, enterprise managers and the general public. Only by changing mindset, can new normal of economy and sustainable development be realized.

The key to reducing energy consumption in industrial development lies in promoting scientific innovation and management so that energy efficiency could be realized and productivity be raised. Besides, efforts to promote green and low-carbon development should be enhanced. Raising environment-standard is of critical significance. At the same time, waste materials should be recovered as resources. While Industrial waste has been well reutilized nowadays, attention should be paid to household waste.

Besides, a systematic approach ought to be carried out to strike a balance between economic and ecological development. For instance, building materials manufacturing and construction work should be integrated so that environment-friendly materials could be applied in the pre-phase to avoid unnecessary waste. At the same time, environmental protection standards should be made in a scientific manner to avoid further expansion of pollution.

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