Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability
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2015 29th Issue: Garo Batmanian: Green Development Means More than Low-Carbon Development

Garo Batmanian: Director of Agriculture, Forestry and Environment Affairs of World Bank in China

Green development is a good opportunity for China. It is more than just low-carbon development, but also involves integration of urban and green development.

Economic impact imposed by environmental degradation differs from country to country. Therefore we have to combine economic gains with environmental benefits. Yet we will pay more prices if no action is taken to respond to environmental degradation. It is of critical importance that we develop environment-friendly sectors so that economic benefits can also be ensured. A good investment environment would enable the market to take the initiative and strike a balance between environmental protection and economic development.

At the same time, urban expansion should be carried out in an orderly manner to reduce energy consumption. Adequate planning ought to be put high on the agenda. Besides, public traffic system should be better managed and integrated so that infrastructure efficiency could be raised.

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