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2015 24th Issue: Guy Saint-Jacques: Apply Canadian Experience to China

Guy Saint-Jacques: Canada's Ambassador to China

What we have been trying to do in terms of the bilateral cooperation is also to try to transfer the technology that we have developed in Canada. In Canada, we also face huge challenges. With vast territory and fewer population, traffic distance between people in Canada is far. Yet we have done well in energy conservation in traffic management and in particular air pollution.

Besides, Canada has achieved great progress in key technology development including carbon capture and sequestration. Last year, a northern province in our country has applied it to thermal power generation. Now clean production has been realized there in which carbon dioxide has been captured by through a 70-kilometer channel.

I also had the discussions with NDRC to present the results of our first commercial coal fire plant that captures 90 percent of CO2. There's obviously a lot of interest. And we are trying in China to put together the utilities that have coal fire generation to work together with oil companies because the CO2 that could be extracted from the emissions could then be used to enhance the oil recovery in the conventional oil plants.

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