Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability
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2015 23th Issue: Duan Ning: End-of-Pipe Treatment should be Enhanced to Prevent Pollution

Duan Ning: Academician of the Chinese Engineering Academy

Backward equipment is to blame for high pollution in production. Therefore, end-of-pipe treatment should be enhanced to promote clean production. According to Duan Ning, the core of clean production lies in R&D, promotion and application of clean production technology. It is necessary to upgrade production procedures and equipment of huge pollution in the production process.

Improvement of major production procedures of enterprises should be given high priority. International experience shows that about 80% of pollutants can be reduced by employing clean production technology. Some ongoing programs in China have proven that. For instance, from 1950 coal consumption in power generation has been drastically reduced by about 15.4b tons and carbon dioxide production slumped by 554m tons.

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