Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability
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2015 21th Issue: Wang Yuqing: The Concept of Sustainability Should be Promoted in Urbanization

Wang Yuqing: Director of the Council of Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences

Sustainable Consumption is of critical importance that involves economic transformation and environmental protection in urbanization.

Urbanization and consumption is closely connected in sustainability. For instance, energy conservation should be considered in construction, oil consumption in traffic and energy conservation house appliances and recovery and utilization of urban refuse, etc. in urban life.

How to ensure sustainability of consumption First, sustainable consumption should be referred to in the 13th five-year plan for national development. Second, the concept ought to be reflected in existing Law on Consumers¡¯ Rights and Interests and laws concerning green purchasing. Third, policies for sustainable consumption including tiered pricing for electricity and water. Finally, public trust of green products should be enhanced.

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