Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability
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2015 20th Issue: Yin Chengjie: Promote Comprehensive Utilization of Bio-resources

Yin Chengjie: Vice Director of the Committee of Agriculture and Rural Areas of the 11th NPC

Diversified management is needed for enterprises engaging in biomass power generation. It requires that enterprises should be well managed by comprehensively utilizing bio-energy and handling well recovery, storage and utilization of biological materials. Thus relevant mechanisms should be upgraded and professional institutions be built to solve problems.

Technical innovation is needed to reduce costs, adapt to various challenges and achieve economic benefits due to high costs of bio-methanol and ethyl alcohol.

Besides, biomass energy, though boasting huge reserves, is yet to be fully utilized. We should change the traditional concepts of treating biomass as agricultural waste and fully utilize agricultural resources including agricultural straws so as to strike a balance between economic and environmental benefits.

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