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IEEPA Signs A Strategic and Cooperative Agreement with Korean Environmental Community

On December 10, 2015, during the visit to Korea, Secretary General Li Junyang met with Mr. Youn Yongmun, Director of Daegu Environmental Community, to hold a bilateral cooperative conference, and promoted many important achievements in China-Korea energy conservation and environmental protection.

During the visit to Korea, IEEPA signed a bilateral strategic and cooperative agreement with Daegu Environmental Community, and set a formal access for the mutual cooperation. The contents of the agreement include: Enhancing the ability-cultivating of leaders from two sides, promoting bilateral exchanges among managers, boosting the establishment of various China-Korea cooperative programs among enterprises, holding cooperative meetings on technologies and products in turn, promoting the China-Korea urban industrial parks in governmental level, and jointly preparing for the opening of the 7th World Economic and Environmental Conference on China-Korea Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry Forum in 2015. Leaders such as Youn Yongmun, Director of Daegu Environmental Community,piaoxingzhu, Chief of the Future Strategy Section, and the Deputy of Daegu Municipal Government attended the signing ceremony.

During the signing ceremony, Secretary General Li Junyang put that the two sides should share complementary??advantages and meet each other's needs on the basis of their strengths and resources so as to accelerate the bilateral communication and cooperation of programs. In addition, communication conferences will be jointly held in China and Korea on energy conservation and environmental protection, for encouraging more cities to build China-Korea industrial parks and make energy conservation and environmental protection industry as a new economic growth point in both China and Korea.

According to the bilateral plan, the Korean delegation of Government and enterprises will visit the IEEPA in 2015. The delegation will inspect Chinese urban high-tech parks and enterprise-held programs, so as to better enhance and implement the outcomes of the strategic and cooperative agreement.

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