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Met with the President of Yeungnam University

On December 10th, 2015, Secretary General Li Junyang met President Noh, Seok Kyun of Yeungnam University during his visit in Korea.

After warmly welcomed General Secretary Li Junyang and the visiting members, President Noh, Seok Kyun introduced the achievement Yeungnam University has made in the recent years, and he expressed his gratefulness towards the fact that Yeungnam University signed a cooperative agreement with IEEPA this July in Beijing. He said it would be helpful to further promote communication between Yeungnam University and China. Also, President Noh, Seok Kyun hopes to witness cooperation between Chinese enterprises and Yeungnam University, so that specific cooperative programs can be instructed jointly by R&D centers, laboratories, science and technology teams and enterprises owned by universities. Therefore more energy conservation and environmental protection technologies can be transformed into industrial power for both China and Korea.

Secretary General Li Junyang said China and Korea share a lot of similarities in culture and tradition. The China-Korea economic and industrial cooperation enjoys sound momentum due to the fact that the two governments attach great importance to it. As long as the two sides seize the opportunity of cooperation and connect it with their own conditions, the development in energy conservation and environmental protection will soon be enhanced in both China and Korea.

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