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Strategic cooperation constructed between the association and the provincial government of Northern Cape in South Africa

On 29th October in the afternoon local time in South Africa, secretary general Li Junyang and premier of the Northern Cape Sylvia Elizabeth Lucas signed a memorandum of bilateral strategic cooperation on behalf of two sides.

According to the memorandum the International Ecological Economy Promotion Association (IEEPA) will collaborate with the provincial government of Northern Cape on fields of new resources and renewable resources, comprehensive utilization of distributed energy resources especially photothermally and photoelectrically usage of solar power, construction of technique platforms concerning energy conservation, products related to energy conservation and environmental protection (ECEP) and technological cooperation, and personnel training etc. As part of the collaboration, higher officials with enterprises will participate in the 7th World Economic and Environmental Conference (WEC) held by the association. During the meeting time, the Forum on China-South Africa Cooperation and Development on ECEP will also be held to strengthen the tie between two countries¡¯ enterprises. The memorandum also says that the two sides will build a daily contact system under which certain departments will guarantee and coordinate the implementation of the plan.

The officially established bilateral cooperation is a fruit of secretary general Li Junyang¡¯s tour of investigation to South Africa. Li and his team was invited by South Africa¡¯s Ministry of Trade and Industry and the provincial government of Northern Cape Town to investigate the economy, technology and market in South Africa on behalf of the International ECEP Association. The cooperation is also a fruit of 2014 South Africa BRICS Expo.

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