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¡°China-South Africa Ecological Economy Promotion Communication Conference for Enterprises¡± held by IEEPA and the UN in South Africa

On 28th October local time in South Africa, ¡°China-South Africa Ecological Economy Promotion Communication Conference for Enterprises¡± took place at the meeting room of Ministry of Trade and Industry in the administrative building of South African government. The conference was held jointly by International Ecological Economy Promotion Association (IEEPA) and United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the representative office in African area.

Levy Maduse, director of UNIDO¡¯s African representative office host the meeting and for the South African part, officials from Ministry of Trade and Industry, Resource Ministry, Environment Ministry as well as National Clean Development Center participated. The secretary general Li Junyang spoke on the cooperation between Chinese and South African enterprises on energy conservation and environmental protection (ECEP) and summarized achievements of this conference. Li stated that rich cooperating opportunities exist between China and South Africa on ECEP subject; we should gear our development to the local condition, make full investigation on the policy and market and thus achieve a gradual advancement.

The conference attracted more than 40 African enterprises, providing an ideal occasion for African enterprises to know more about Chinese enterprises¡¯ advantages in ECEP technology and products.

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