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IEEPA Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with DTP

In early July, President Xi Jinping and President Park Geun-hye agreed to increase the bilateral trade volume between China and South Korea to 300 billion dollars by 2015, to establish a China-Korea FTA as soon as possible and to create a more positive momentum for Sino-Korean economic and trade cooperation. Currently, business communities from the two countries are taking active actions to seize the important opportunity to improve Sino-Korean economic and trade cooperation. Following the trend, IEEPA and DTP signed a strategic cooperation agreement on July 22nd, 2014 in the Korean Embassy in China aiming to construct a strategic support system for energy and environment and to promote the establishment of Sino-Korean business cooperation base. After the signing ceremony, IEEPA and Korea Environment Corp. held a meeting with the purpose of promoting bilateral cooperation.

Kim Yeongsam, Minister Counselor of the Korean Embassy in China and Ha Byoung-Pil, Chief Envoy and Counselor of Regional Cooperation attended the signing ceremony and expressed their welcome to and congratulation on the strategic cooperation between the two sides. ¡°The expanding economic and trade relations between Korean and China will lead to more cooperation between enterprises from the two countries. I believe that the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement will play a positive role in promoting people-to-people communication and cooperation. Based on the agreement, the two sides can also seek for multi-dimensional cooperation in the future. The Korean Embassy is delighted that Daegu City has chosen IEEPA as its cooperative partner and is willing to provide support within its capability,¡± said Minister Kim Yeongsam in his speech.

Wu Shumin, Director of the International Communication Center of the International Department of the Central Committee of CPC and Shen Longhai, Committee Member of IEEPA also attended the signing ceremony. According to Director Wu Shumin, ¡°The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement signifies that the cooperation between Daegu and IEEPA has started to yield results. South Korea possesses cutting-edge technologies in information technology, bio-engineering, water processing, environmental protection and resource utilization. Through institutional mechanism, multi-layer and complementary cooperation can be launched between enterprises from the two countries.¡± Committee Member Shen Longhai also said that ¡°In the future, the two sides can provide integrated solution to China¡¯s urbanization development and form a technological cooperation enterprise library in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection. IEEPA can take advantage of its expert resources from government departments, industrial organizations and research institutes. In this way, Korean enterprises can launch cooperation with their most reliable counterparts.¡±

As Secretary General Jon Li said, Sino-Korean economic cooperation is deepening. Under this background, enterprises from the two sides are seeking for possible cooperation. As the strategic emerging industry of China, the energy conservation and environmental protection industry requires innovative technologies as its support. Thus, Korean enterprises will face new development opportunities in China. The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement will provide support to the establishment of a practical and long-term platform. It also ensures that the two sides utilize their resources to help Chinese and Korean enterprises establish the industrial development base.

According to Yonghwan Kim, Acting President of DTP, DTP and IEEPA have already built deep mutual trust after two years of mutual visit and communication. With over 280 innovative enterprises, DTP aims to establish a professional cooperation promotion system to help these enterprises enter the Chinese market and to construct a new economic cooperation mode. The signing of the agreement is only a start. In the future, the two sides will seek for strategic cooperation so as to set a model for further business cooperation.

IEEPA Secretary General Jon Li and DTP Acting President Yonghwan Kim Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Behalf of the Two Sides

The content of the agreement includes: establish a strategic support system for energy and environment, support the technology transfer center with enterprises as the responsible party and provide relevant market and capital channels; hold investment and technology cooperation meetings on a regular basis; promote the establishment of a Sino-Korean energy conservation and environmental protection park that covers areas including ecological cosmetics, nanotechnology, biotechnology and so on; build bridges between the two governments and provide relevant consultation and help.

Government officials and official delegates from South Korea present at the meeting include Mr. Kim Youngsam, Minister Counselor of the Korean Embassy in China, Mr. Ha Byoung-Pil, Counselor of Regional Cooperation at the Korean Embassy in China, Mr. Lee Sangeun, Second Secretary of the Korean Embassy in China, Hong Ji-Sun, Chief Representative of KECO China Office, Kyuho Song, Director General of KECO Daegu Office, Song Kyuho, Director of the Center of Nanotechnology of DTP and Presidents from Korean enterprises focused on water processing.

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