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The 2014 Low-Carbon Reform Roundtable Meeting ¨C The Fourth International Carbon-Value Award Ceremony Successfully Held in Beijing

On July 26th, 2014, the 2014 Low-Carbon Reform Roundtable Meeting ¨C the Fourth International Carbon-Value Award Ceremony was held by the WEC Organizing Committee in Beijing China World Hotel.

Over 30 government officials, experts, scholars, embassy personnel and leading entrepreneurs in the green and low-carbon field attended the ceremony. Among them are Wang Jirong, Deputy Director of the Environmental Protection and Resources Conservation Committee of the 11th National People¡¯s Congress, Li Junru, Former President of the Central Party School of CPC, Niu Wenyuan, Consultant of the State Council and Chief Scientist and Head of the Sustainable Development Strategy Research Group of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Che Shujian, Director of the Architectural Society of China, Ma Shengrong, Former Director of Xinhua News Agency, Ren Yuling, renowned economist, Bheki W.J. Langa, Ambassador of South Africa to China, Yu Guobo, Deputy General Director of China National Materials Group, Chen Fuquan, Vice President of Yili Group, Zhang Yu, Vice President of Boe Technology Group, Xue Lin, Vice Chairman of the Board of Tongfang Environment Co., Ltd., Ye Weiquan, Deputy General Manager of Wuliangye Group Co., Ltd. and Li Chuanrui, Vice Chairman of China Kingho Group. During the ceremony, more than 20 enterprises were awarded the International Carbon-Value Award of different categories.

During the ¡°2014 Low Carbon Reform: Opportunities and Challenges¡± Round Table Meeting, it was agreed that entrepreneurs are the key forces that drives the global green and low-carbon development. Through the selection, it is hoped that the awarded enterprises can continue to devote themselves to green and low-carbon activities by developing relevant strategies can implement low-carbon management. It is also hoped that governments around the world, the UN system, news media and social organizations can value and support enterprises. In this way, we can develop the core power for low-carbon and green development.

The International Carbon-Value Award (ICA) takes the three dimensions of low-carbon strategy, implementation and application and social value as well as the three factors fundamentals, innovative advantage and sustainable capability as the indicators. Through the system, the committee aims to construct a comprehensive evaluation system that assesses the enterprises in terms of the ¡°actions in carbon transformation, efficiency in carbon development and value in carbon society.¡±

The International Caron-Value Award consists of three categories, namely the Carbon-Value Ecological Practice Award, the Carbon Value Innovative Value and the Carbon-Value Social Citizen Award. Three individual awards are also set including the Best Model Award, the Green Responsibility Award and the Growth Potential Award. The special award of ICA is called the Carbon-Value Innovator Award.


Ambassador Bheki W.J. Langa delivered the Carbon-Value Innovator Award to Chen Fuquan, Vice President of Yili Group

Yili Group was awarded the 2014 Carbon-Value Innovator Award for its contribution. Over the last 10 years, Yili Group has taken social responsibility as its basis. With its sound operation, harmonious co-existence with the environment, Yili Group set a good example for other enterprises and thus is recognized by the organizing committee.

Ambassador Bheki W.J. Langa delivered the 2014 Carbon-Value Social Citizen Award to Lenovo Group and New World China

The 2014 Carbon-Value Social Citizen Award was granted to Lenovo Group Co., Ltd. and New World China Land Co., Ltd.

Lenovo Group pays great attention to ¡°narrowing the digital gap, protecting the environment, educating the people as well as alleviating poverty and relieving the people in disasters.¡± By integrating the business development strategies, introducing in the innovative public welfare mechanism and sticking to traditional charitable contributions, Lenovo continues to make contribution to the betterment of the society.

Sustainable development is an important component of the core value of New World China Land Co., Ltd. In accordance with its role as a social citizen, New World China Land tries to make the residential districts it constructs sustainable and harmonious.

The 2014 Carbon-Value Innovative Value Award was given to Boe Technology Group, Tongfang Environment Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Sure Energy Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd. They are awarded for the following reasons:

As a leading enterprise of China¡¯s LED industry, Boe Technology Group strives to contribute to the low-carbon development of the society. To this end, Boe has constructed strict innovative environment management system to minimize the negative impact of the business operation on the environment.

Tongfang Environment Co., Ltd., on the other hand, has made great contribution in the field of atmospheric improvement, solid waste processing and water pollution management.

Tianjin Sure Energy Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd. has developed advanced low-carbon innovative technology that helps conserve the energy and reduce the emission. With it, the company has made great contribution to the low-carbon development and environmental protection cause of the society.

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