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IEEPA Paid a Visit to Daegu (South Korea) for Technical Cooperation

From April 2nd to 5th, 2014, Secretary-General Jon Li was on the tour in Daegu, the third biggest metropolitan city in South Korea, invited and welcomed by the Daegu Science and Technology Park and the municipal government. He inspected the energy conservation and environment protection development of Daegu, the capital and principal city of the surrounding Gyeongsangbuk-do province.

During this visit, IEEPA held talks with Kim, the Director of Daegu Environment Bureau and leaders of other departments to further promote the cooperation with the Daegu Science and Technology Park. Secretary-General Jon Li gave a keynote speech in the Daegu Science and Technology Park. Accompanied by the director of this industry park, Song Kyu ho, and other staff from Daegu government, Jon Li paid a visit to some energy projects and environment protection system in Daegu, including the solar photovoltaic project, kitchen waste treatment plant, sludge treatment project and water treatment mill.

Secretary-General Jon Li presented the main responsibilities of IEEPA, the development and energy conservation and environment protection in China. Jon Li also expounded the jointly promoted cooperation between IEEPA and Daegu Science and Technology Park. During the meeting, the director of the Daegu Environment Bureau, Kim, explained the situation of resources, energy, environment protection and the development of other related fields in Daegu. Leaders of other related departments of Daegu government depicted respectively what are the Daegu¡¯s advantages in each field. After the meeting, Kim, the director of Daegu Environment Bureau, held a welcoming party for the visiting group.

On April 4th, Secretary-General Jon Li attended the meeting held by the Daegu Science and Technology Park and delivered a keynote speech ¡®The policy of China¡¯s energy industry and energy conservation, environment protection industry & the prospects of market cooperation¡¯. In the audience were enterprise representatives, coming from the nanometer center of the Daegu Science and Technology Park, biotechnology, energy, environment, and other related fields.

In the keynote speech, Jon Li laid emphasis on the status quo of energy utilization in China, the related policies concerning the energy conservation and environment protection, the future development and market opportunities, what role IEEPA, as a professional organization, has played in this field and what projects it has conducted.

Jon Li mentioned in his speech that China¡¯s energy consumption took up 21% of the overall global consumption, which is projected to reach 25% in 2035. Among the 21% energy consumption, the Chinese industries that created nearly 50% of GDP consumed 70% of the energy. It demonstrates that China has a long way to go on the industrialization path and faces great pressure on emission reduction. Even though China has turned into the country with the biggest size of renewable energy in 2011 as a result of massive investment, coal, representing 70% of the total energy supply, remains the most used energy source. The second one is oil, occupying only 18% of energy supply chain. The natural gas holds a small fraction in the various energy sources. In 2007, China became a net natural gas importer, which is thought to have a better future through the cooperation. The exploration of shale gas is at an early stage though. With the high investment costs and immature technology, the marketization of shale gas still needs time.

He pointed out that the energy conservation and technologies of efficient energy utilization have great potential in China, on account of the low per capital energy consumption and inefficient energy utilization. Meanwhile, in the face of the speeding up of urbanization and the increasingly prominent problems of environment protection in small and medium sized cities and rural areas, he expressed the hope of deeper cooperation in the related fields with high-tech enterprises belonging to the Daegu Science and Technology Park.

As mentioned in his tour, China and South Korea are both main emerging Asian countries, who have encountered many similar economic and environmental problems while developing their economies. The objective is to carry out the technology exchange and cooperation in the urban environment protection field; so IEEPA will be devoted to Sino-South Korea cooperation so as to provide a better platform and build a broader space for enterprises¡¯ development.

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