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High-level Conference on Ecological Agriculture and Green Low-carbon Technology Innovation and Inspection on LED Light Conversion Technology Project Held in Handan, Hebei

On March 29th, 2014, a high-level delegation, composed of members from national ministries and international organizations, led and coordinated by International Ecological Economy Promotion Association(IEEPA) traveled to Handan, Hebei to have fieldwork research on strategic projects undertaken by the enterprises. Abulaiti Amudurexiti, Chairman of IEEPA and Vice Chairman of the Eleventh Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), accompanied by Li Junyang, Secretary-General of IEEPA, looked into ecological agriculture innovation and development in Handan city, focusing on ecological agriculture project¡ª LED light conversion technology undertaken by the Aobo Group. During the two day¡¯s inspection, Lu Xiaoguang, Vice Chairman of People's Political Consultative Conference in Hebei, Gao Hongzhi, Party Secretary of Handan, also took part in this inspection.

Wang Bao¡¯an, Chairman of Aobo Group detailed ecological agriculture project--LED light conversion technology to the members of high-level delegation (to the high-level delegation members) led by Abulaiti Amudurexiti.

On the morning of March 30th£¬the delegation launched a field research on LED light conversion technology and its development in Handan. From assembly line to experimental vegetable greenhouse and family plant factory, light conversion¡¯s demonstration project, undertaken by Aobo Group, showed solid strength and great potential from assembly line to experimental vegetable greenhouse and family plant factory. LED lighting systems along with the use of organic nutrient not only can stimulate growth of vegetables and flowers, but special lighting conditions can also inhibit the occurrence of pests, avoiding the use of pesticides and fertilizers and thus reducing the soil pollution. Moreover, the indoor ecological plant also increase the oxygen content in air and humidity, creating a healthier living environment.

Abulaiti Abudurexi, Chairman of IEEPA, spoke highly of the Aobo Group undertaking ¡°Ecological Agro-tech LED Light Conversion Technology Demonstration Projects "; this project is of far-reaching significance for the low-carbon development if supported by agricultural science and technology innovation. Experts regarding this field should make efforts to offer guidance and support to the project.

Li Junyang Secretary-General of IEEPA noted that in the recently released State New Urbanization Plan (2014-2020), which clearly pointed the importance of green low-carbon production method and lifestyle, economical and intensive use of land, water, energy and other resources, acceleration modern agriculture system improvement, development of high-yielding, high quality and security of agriculture. "International Ecological Agro-tech LED Light Conversion Technology Demonstration Project¡± undertaken by Aobo Group not only improves the agricultural science and technology innovation capacity but also is a strong driver to boost agricultural production, anti-risk capability, market competitiveness and sustainable development.

On the afternoon of March 30th, "High-level Consultative Meeting on Eco-agriculture Technology Innovation and Green Low-carbon Development" was held to deliberate innovation model of modern scientific and technological development of eco- agriculture and promote agricultural projects integrating with the national industrial macro-direction. At the conference was reached a consensus that further take the opportunity of the State New Urbanization Plan (2014-2020), expand agricultural technology modernization, especially to conduct top-level design in new agricultural technologies, enhance competitiveness and economic efficiency of demonstration projects, continue to focus on the path of sustainable development of ecological agriculture, strengthen cooperation with international organizations and promote green low-carbon agriculture development.

China is a large agricultural country and Mr Abulaiti at the meeting pointed out that agricultural innovation has become a major force to promote the development of modern agriculture in China. With growing resource shortage, agricultural development will be increasingly dependent on technology, innovation and application of new agricultural technologies, which will become the key part in the modern agriculture development. It is of significance to rely on scientific and technological innovation and improve agricultural development mode to achieve a real agricultural modernization.

In terms of LED light conversion glass¡¯s market application, Jiang Minglin, the State Council Counselor, emphasized a large-scale manufacture should take into consider both people¡¯s economic acceptability and enterprises profitability. So, product cost, and ROI, etc. should be issued by companies Especially, people¡¯s purchase cost, energy cost of the product, the cost of growing vegetables are supposed to be considered by company to launch large-scale market promotion of family ecological plant factory. High-tech and public-oriented products are truly in line with the ecological agriculture goals

Zhou Changyi, Director of Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utilization Department of Industry and Information Technology Ministry, noted, LED light conversion glass  is an ecological product, in line with current concept of ecological development.

Meanwhile, LED lighting systems along with the use of organic nutrient applied in family plant factory can inhibit the occurrence of pests, avoiding the use of pesticides, which assures the food safety. In addition, with social development, an intensive plant culti

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