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IEEPA Leaders and Experts Paid a Site Visit to Ecological & Agricultural Technology Project in Handan City

On December 9-10, 2013, secretary-general Jon Li, together with Guan Ruijie, head of Rural Economic System and Operational Management Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, and Liu Hongzhi, head of Technology Standard Department of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, arrived in Handan city, Hebei province, made a site investigation on a LED optical transfer ecological glass project on the basis of modern ecological technology agriculture, and director from Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Handan also joined the visit.

Wang Bao'an, chairman of the board of Aobo Group, made a detailed introduction on the technical application and product characteristic of the glass, and added: the project is a product of advanced science and technology and traditional agriculture. The glass may take full advantage of the plant's selectivity to colored light with specific wavelength, which not only increases vegetable growth rate, but destroy pest's habitat through its special filtration function, reduce pest violation and insecticidal use, cut pesticide pollution probability, and decrease heavy metal pollution chance of traditional soil plantation, laying a solid foundation for China's modern ecological agriculture development.

Leaders and experts indicated that LED optical transfer ecological glass had huge potential in the agricultural planting and application in the future, and gave some suggests and opinions on the issues of LED optical transfer ecological glass application. After the visit, leaders and experts also made in-depth research on its technical feasibility, economic viability and market development feasibility, which lays a solid foundation for supplying specific reference data for technical application, optimizing stored energy problem, positioning market, establishing optical transfer glass production and application standard system.

It is reported that Aobo Group was founded in 2003, is a modern enterprise group specializing in glass deep processing, and has taken the lead among the counterparts through its abundant production and R&D strength, first-class production line, innovative production design, and was the first enterprise combining LED optical transfer ecological glass design and production with modern ecological agriculture.

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