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The 6th WEC Held Thematic Forums

In the morning of November 29, 2013, the 6th World Economic and Environmental Conference (the 6th WEC) held the thematic forum in Beijing. Terry Townshend, Deputy Secretary General (Policy) of GLOBE International hosted the forum. The main topics cover: New Urbanization and Green Building Development, Clean Air Technology and Air Pollution Control, Eco-tourism and Cultural Heritage Protection and Innovation, Ecological Agriculture and Green Food, Green and Low-Carbon Development in Coal Industry, Industrial Energy Conservation, Emission Reduction, Clean Production and Water Treatment and so on.

Che Shujian, president of the Architectural Society of China, pointed out: In the process of urbanization, it is important for us to give full play to ecological potential, increase internal power, improve ecological environment quality, urban management and community service level, and set up standard pipeline infrastructure rules on pipe network, water supply, power, telecommunication. Besides, we need to make an overall consideration on urban capacity, safety, quality and ecological environment problem, which should be given top priority.

Tobias Gebhardt Schneider, Director of Analysis and Modeling, Environment Canada, indicated that: the innovation of governmental institution should focus on practical technical support, promote state and society to make transition towards green transformation and development.

Zhou Changyi, director-general of Department of Energy Conservation and Resources Utilization of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), pointed out: energy consumption in 2012 reached 3.62 billion tons of standard coal, 21.3% of the world total, among which industrial energy consumption occupied 73% of primary energy consumption; China is carrying out industrial layout for energy-saving and environmental protection fields, MIIT is organizing industrialization demonstration projects on industrial energy-saving, resource complex utilization, environmental protection, waste water treatment, and also push forward a series of encouragement policies on energy-saving, new energy, renewable energy, high-efficiency energy-saving home appliance and other products;

Stephanie Christmann-Budian, senior scientist and representative for China, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI, delivered a speech in the forum with the topic of New Urbanization and Green Building Development.

Britt Lindner Norberg, project manager of CENTEC/Senior Engineer at Embassy of Sweden to China, delivered a speech in the forum with the topic of New Urbanization and Green Building Development.

John Edwards, senior technology coordinator of UNFAO, delivered a speech in the forum with the topic of Ecological Agriculture and Green Food

Guan Ruijie, chief of the Master Station of Management and Administration on Rural Cooperative Economy of the Ministry of Agriculture, delivered a speech upon how to develop sustainable agriculture in China, thought we should establish compensation mechanism of agricultural ecological environment, collect related ecological environment protection tax in due course, establish special agricultural and ecological fund, improving testing system and appraisal of agricultural and ecological environment. At the same time, he pointed out: for the moment, the waste land in China is 2.62 million square kilometer, and the desertification land is 1.73 million square kilometer, or 27.3% and 18% respectively. The loss therein is as high as 54 billion RMB.

Valentyn Velychko, counselor of Embassy of Ukraine to China, delivered a speech in the forum.

Other speakers in the forum include Javier Sierra Andr¨¦s, counsellor of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Embassy of Spain in China, Stewart Dellarn, president of BlueScope Buildings Asia Area, Knut Roald Srlie, commercial counselor of Embassy of Norway to China, Emmanuelle Dienga, economic counselor of Embassy of Belgium to China, Birgit Murr, counselor of Science and Technology Section ofthe Austrian Embassy Peking, Mika Tirronen, counselor of Science and Education, the Embassy of Finland to China, Ju Xuegong, chief scientist of Australian Low Carbon Trade Center and so on.

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