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The State Council Counselor and Leaders of Ministries and Commissions Paid a Visit to Biomass Energy Base

In October 19-20, 2013, officials of counselor office of the State Council, General Office of the CCP Central Committee, Central Policy Research Office, National Energy Administration, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Science and Technology, under the company of secretary general Jon Li, paid a site visit to the international biomass green and low-carbon circulation energy base project, which is launched by the association, and Inner Mongolia Maowusu Biomass Thermoelectric Co., and supported by the UNIDO. Some guidance and advices have been given therein.

The project is based on green energy which combines desert governance with biomass and thermoelectric development. It is supported by IEEPA, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, CSAM, Asian Development Bank, State Forestry Department, Department of Energy Conservation and Resource Utilization of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC and Department of Science, Technology and Standards of Ministry of Environmental Protection of the PRC. The project follows the direction of United Nations Industrial energy technology development and national industrial policy with building green energy (biomass thermoelectric development) domestically and internationally as its core. At the same time the project aims to form a low-carbon economical development mode that combines forestry carbon sequestration, desertification control, bioelectrogenesis and spirulina farming together with financial support from the public and policy support from the state, forming an investment construction and operation development system of " green carbon biomass energy base " .

Under the company of secretary general Jon Li, Jiang Minglin, counselor of the State Council, Jia Hailu, director of the General Office of the CCP Central Committee, Bai Jinfu, director of Central Policy Research Office, Sun Yaowei, director of National Energy Administration, Li Guobin, director of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Guan Ruijie, Ministry of Agriculture, paid a site visit in the Maowusu desert, listen to the introduction about desert control status quo, process and bottleneck by Chen Yuchuan, general manager of the Maowusu company. Sand control project is mainly focused on holding waste sand by leasing farmers and herdsman, hiring them to plant sand willow, stump, purchase waste of stump frutex wattle, which is the main raw material of biomass electric power generation. For the moment, the project has finished 360,000 mu cover of vegetation in the waste sand, make the annual income of the local farmers and herdsman increase from 20,000-30,000 yuan to current 200,000-300,000 Yuan.

Subsequently, the panel of experts visited the biomass electric power generation factory, and obtained the overall knowledge on the power plant, and afforded high appraisal and affirmation on the development mode.

The panel of experts also visited the spirulina aquaculture and their product development and research center, and the mode of high concentration CO2 fume spirulina carbon utilization model has also gained the high appraisal.

After the visit, concerning project development status quo, existing questions, future project trend and integrated solution, Jon Li host a seminar in the base. Li Jinglu, chairman of the board of the Maowusu company, reported project development, process and achievement. After hearing the report, the experts considered the development mode as a successful mode of new energy development and carbon application.

Delegate pointed out: biomass electric power generation on the basis of sand control industry and spirulina incubation industry is an effective carbon cycle economy, it may finally develop into a demonstration project with international sand control, green energy application and carbon catching.

The goal of the visit is to obtain the knowledge of project development situation, existing question. It will offer precious experience and reference for sustainable development mode by establishing green low-carbon energy base and ecological health nutriment industry base.

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