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Secretary-General Jon Li Paid a Visit to Maldives Ambassador

In the afternoon of August 21st, 2013, Secretary-General Jon Li met and held a talk with Maldives Ambassador Mohamed Rasheed in his embassy. Both sides exchanged ideas on sustainable development between current global economy and environment as well as some cooperative matters.

Jon Li pointed out: as an emerging tourism nation, Maldives has been greatly influenced by environmental issues, and therefore has attached great importance to not only tourism development, but also tourism quality which may reduce the impact on environment, in this process clean energy resources will play a decisive role. Presently, the power for electricity generation still relies on diesel in Maldives, which causes both high cost and severe environmental pollution. Therefore, Maldives needs more international cooperation to form a cooperating mechanism encompassing government, enterprises, international organizations and financial institutes, which will serve as a push to the rapid development of clean energy in the country.

Mr. Rasheed appreciated the opinions, and indicated that Maldives government has also paid much attention to environmental issues and has issued favorable policies in the aspect of environmental protection. At the same time, the government hopes that 60% of electricity generation from solar energy will be achieved by 2020 under the joint efforts of international forces and introduction of advanced technology.

Finally, Mohamed expressed that Maldives would like to give continuous support to the wok of IEEPA and hope to deepen the cooperation with IEEPA in terms of clean energy, especially in solar PV electricity and integrated utilization. Meanwhile, both sides will plan to discuss the possibility of organizing a thematic forum by Maldives embassy during the 6th World Economics and Environmental Conference from December 28 to 30, 2013.

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