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Association Made an Investigation on a Biomass Company in Inner Mongolia together with UNIDO and NDRC

On July 17-18 2013, IEEPA organized and made an on-site investigation on China Inner Mu Biomass Power Co. Ltd together with leaders and experts from United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), National Development and Reform Commission-International Cooperation Center (NDRC-ICC), United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (CASM), Asian Development Bank (ADB). NDRC of Inner Mongolia, NDRC of Erdos, and accompanied by the people in charge of China Inner Mu Biomass Power Co. Ltd.

During this investigation, Mr. Jon Li, Secretary General, Edward Clarence-Smith, representative and head of UNIDO Regional Office, Mr. Huo Enquan, Director of NDRC-ICC and Mr. Shen Yiyang, Senior Energy and Carbon Finance Expert of ADB first visited Wushen County, Mu Us Desert and the herdsman cooperated in new mode to combat desertification. The company rents the deserted and sand land of the herdsman and hires the herdsman to plant psammophytes and buys the stumping waste from them. A 2*15MW biomass factory can benefit 5000 households. And more than 7000 herdsmen can add more than 10,000 RMB annually. Therefore, this biomass thermoelectric project which can bring economic benefits to the neighborhood really gained the attention of the delegation.

During the visit, the General Manager of the company introduced the whole process of biomass power generation to the delegation in details as well as the ˇ°Three-Carbon Economyˇ± i.e, comprehensive solution to capturing high concentration of CO2 emission to breed spirulina. 

After the on-site investigation, the delegation held a seminar discussing about the development and problems the company is facing. Mr. Li Jinglu, CEO of China Inner Mu Biomass Power Co. Ltd made a report to the delegation.

After the reports, Mr. Jon Li, Mr. Edward Smith and Director Huo both showed their positive opinions of the biomass program. This program aims at combating desertification and makes full use of the stumping waste of the desert shrub to generate electricity power. It can be a pilot program to develop green energy by focusing on the ˇ°Three Carbon Economyˇ± through ˇ°Carbon reduction, Carbon Absorption, Carbon Captureˇ± which will lead to the new way of industrialized desertification treatment instead of public desertification treatment.

Mr. Jon Li pointed out that China Inner Mu Biomass Power Co. Ltd is a successful example of commercialize green low carbon economy. The system and the successful practice are worthy of greater support. Meanwhile, he hopes the company can have a clearer mode of green and low carbon development. It should learn more from the international experience and goes with the governmental policies and regulations. After the whole set of design, it can have a strategic roadmap and a mass application platform can be built accordingly.

Adeboyega Ajani, Senior Officer of UNIDO and Mr. Shen Yiyang, Senior Energy and Carbon Finance Expert of ADB also provided some suggestions and opinions. Some other experts also expressed their ideas on it, including Mr. Jiao Xueli, Division Director of NDRC-ICC, Mrs. Feng Yuee of CSAM, Mrs. Ma Guoai, Division Director of Inner Mongolia NDRC, people from Erdos NDRC and so on.

The delegation aims at speeding up the green and low-carbon program of the company and helps its mode to gain the most economic and social benefits, lays a solid foundation for China and the world to carry out desertification control.

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