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The Awarding Ceremony of the 3rd International Carbon-Value Award and its Report Released

On June 30 2013, the Presidium and High-Level Consultative Meeting of the 6th World Economic and Environmental Conference (WEC) was successfully held in Beijing, and the awarding ceremony of the 3rd International Carbon-Value Award was launched concurrently, of which 15 enterprises were conferred with category and individual awards¡±. Officials from NPC and CPPCC, the Counselor Office of the State Council and ambassadors of Canada, Austria, Iceland and Greece to China granted the certificates to the winners.

The comprehensive awards of the 3rd International Carbon-Value Award in the first half year of 2013 were conferred to Yili Group and Unilever China respectively again, of which Yili Group has kept on green, low-carbon and sustainable development road, and has taken innovation as the power of sustainable development; Unilever has successful sustainable development practice of innovative concept and low-carbon green practice by strategy, management, technology and market. Jury has offered positive appraisal on the achievement of the two enterprises, which have displayed their action and role as best player, and took the lead to continue global green and low-carbon development.

Lenovo Group and China Ping¡¯an won the Carbon-Value Social Citizen Award; BOE Technology Group won the Carbon-Value Innovative Value Award, Hainan Meilan International Airport Company Limited, Beijing Vantone Real Estate Co.,Ltd, Guangzhou Liby Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. won the Best Model Award of China Green-Benefit Enterprise, China International Water & Electric Corp, won the Green Responsibility Award of China Green-Benefit Enterprise; There is no winner for Carbon-Value Ecological Practice Award.

Other enterprise winners include Beijing Guodian Longyuan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Lanting Hitech Co., Ltd., Daming Mineral Co., Ltd., Sinopec Group Zhenhai Smelting Chemical Branch, Global Desheng Group, High Equal Circle Solar Energy High Technology Co., Ltd., China Inner Mu Biomass Power Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Binchang Mining (Group) Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2008, WEC has started to search the best player of implementing social value by way of low-carbon concept as of 2011. The appraisal and selection activities will be performed by the jury via questionnaire, social investigation, appraisal by experts and media, the organizer will seek and select the best players of "carbon transformation action, carbon development efficiency and carbon social value", who will serve as practitioners, pilots and models, together with us, jointly push forward human¡¯s ecological process. Through the comprehensive appraisal and selection, there are altogether 30 winners in the first two ¡°International Carbon-Value Award¡±.

The organizer has issued a report 2013 International Carbon-Value Award¡ªBoost Low-carbon Transformation, Treasure company¡¯s initiative, which made an analysis on situation and policy of green and low-carbon development at home and abroad, but also the cases of excellent enterprises, and is divided into 6 parts and 16 chapters. The report illustrated specifically on the global low-carbon development situation, the role of the players in low-carbon transformation, key projects in boosting global low-carbon action, green and low-carbon practice and development cases.

The 6th WEC, co-sponsored by IEEPA, UNIDO, UNESCO, CAEPI and numerous international organizations and cooperated with governments and international organizations including ICC of National Development and Reform Commission, UNAPCAEM, WCPS, WWF, is scheduled to be held on November 28-30, 2013.

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