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IEEPA Secretary General Visited Danish Ambassador to China

On December 8, 2011, secretary-general Jon Li came to Denmark Embassy to China, and visited Friis Arne Petersen, Ambassador of Denmark to China. Next, both sides held friendly talks.

Ambassador Petersen firstly expressed welcome to Jon Li¡¯s arrival. At the same time, Jon Li also expressed thanks for ambassador¡¯s support and attendance in the activities held by the association; subsequently£¬both sides held in-depth talks on cooperation matters.

Jon Li said: China's low-carbon pilot areas were not only confined to five-provinces and eight cities launched by National Development and Reform Commission, but numerous other Chinese areas. Uneven economic development in China contained numerous business opportunities, also a precious opportunity for IEEPA¡¯s future cooperation. We sincerely hoped, with the support and assistance of the embassy, to promote Danish cities and enterprises to establish cooperation with Chinese counterparts, especially in second and third-tier cities.

Friis Arne Petersen said: one of the major tasks Danish Embassy performed was to help domestic cities and enterprises to seek cooperation in China, for the moment, Danish enterprises in China are focused on coastal areas like Shanghai, Suzhou city. In the process of cooperation, they were faced with a series of issues like market research, laborer recruitment, financing, cost and profit, as well as some factors like policy environment, government support, subsidy and so on. As an appeal and negotiation platform, Danish embassy hoped to establish cooperation with local governments and international organizations like IEEPA, with a view to promoting the cooperation and development of the cities and enterprises.

Sorbin Bindesboll, first secretary of Royal Danish Embassy, and staff of IEEPA Research Department and China Center for International Cooperation also attended the talks.

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