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Official of Austrian Federal Environment Agency Served as Councilor of IEEPA Consultative Council

On November 1, 2011, Klaus Radunsky, unit head of Emission Trading Registry of Federal Environment Agency, Austria, was officially invited by secretary-general Jon Li, and was appointed as councilor of IEEPA Consultative Council with the approval of the council.

Jon Li, on behalf of the association, handed over Certificate of Councilor and relevant official documents to Klaus Radunsky. Then, both parties held talks on their respective work field, and association strategic development and council consultative plan and so on. Later on, Klaus Radunsky attended the 2011 China International Forum on Climate Change, co-sponsored by IEEPA and UNIDO.

Klaus Radunsky expressed his thanks to the association on offering the position of consultative councilor, and hoped to obtain greater achievement under the framework of Consultative Council; at the same time, he also made a promise with Jon Li on making an arrangement for Jon Li¡¯s upcoming visit to Europe, including Austrian Federal Environmental Agency in the next year.

Mr. Radunsky currently serves as unit head of Emission Trading Registry of Federal Environment Agency, Austria. He obtained his diploma of Dr.phil. (Chemistry) at the University of Vienna in 1979. From 1975 till 1985 he worked as Chemical-technical expert in the Federal Ministry for Health and Environmental Protection, Bacteriological-Serological Institute establishing air quality monitoring in Austria. Since 1985 he has been working for the Federal Environment Agency Ltd. He started as expert of the Air Quality Department to become Head of Department for Air Pollutant Emissions, Climate Change and Noise Abatement in 1995 (until 2002). From the beginning of 2003 until June 2007 Mr. Radunsky hold the position of the head of the climate change until. Since July 2007 Mr. Radunsky became head of the registry of Austria while continuing his activities with regard to international climate change issues.

This Consultative Council is the highest strategic decision and instruction organ of IEEPA, and its members are from state heads, high-ranking government officials, non-government organization (NGO) leaders, leaders from industry, business and academic circles and so on. The Council will serve as top decider, adviser, guide and maker on IEEPA¡¯s major strategies, and is composed of senior-adviser-level senior councilors and member-level councilors, of whom the first are mainly from in-service or former government ministry-level or equivalent-level officials, as well as leaders of United Nations or NGOs; the second are mainly from officials of governments, NGOs, and leaders from industry, business and academic circles and so on. IEEPA¡¯s honorable chairman, chairman, chief academic adviser, chief economic adviser, chief development adviser and chairman of Academic and Experts Committee are surely the members of the Council.

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