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IEEPA Secretary-General Briefed Development Idea of Association

On October 30, 2011, in an interview with news media, Jon Li, secretary-general of International Ecological Economy Promotion Association(IEEPA), made a brief introduction on the development idea of IEEPA. He said: IEEPA was a professional international organization engaged in sustainable construction of economy and environment, giving support to energy conservation and environmental protection projects, applying and promoting relevant pilot or demonstration system, upgrading cities¡¯ capacity in climate action and overall energy-efficiency solution, establishing an international platform on technology and information exchange.

Currently, IEEPA¡¯s work is summarized as three categories and one platform construction, which are shown as follows.

Category 1  Consultation and Research

(i) consultation and advice on coordinated development between city economy and environment, research on industry development and market mechanism in energy conservation and emission reduction fields; (ii) assist local governments in reducing reliance on administrative means. Through introducing policies and solutions, combine technology with corresponding projects, help enterprises achieve innovative development; (iii) analyze and seek feasible channels to develop urban energy conservation and environmental protection undertaking, especially in second or third-tier cities;(iv) participate in and assume government-based subject study, submit policy advices and reports to governments or organizations concerned.

Category 2  Capacity Building

Which covered two aspects and one combination:

1. enterprises

Assist emerging and advantageous enterprises in establishing long-term development mechanism, further accelerate their development by inputting resources or professional forces according to development condition;

2. cities or special economic zones

Offer tailored development strategy, market guidance and industry support measures, introduce international resource or cooperation: (i) introduce relevant international organizations, establish financing channel, enhance capacity building on trial and demonstration systems, introduce advanced experience or ideas, expand industry chain, cultivate upstream and downstream enterprises to develop new economic growth point;

One combination

On the basis of enterprises' capacity building and development, promote governments or authorities of relevant cities or economic zones to pay corresponding attention or give policy support, with a view to forming integrated capacity building, and coordinated development between enterprises and cities.

Category 3  Project Support

Namely, establish partnership with UN systems or other international organizations, share advanced experience or ideas on technology and pilot projects, offer feasible solutions or promotion mode (from trial (1-2 years) to demonstration), form sustainable, valuable and exemplary projects:

A. establish overall solutions to urban energy-conservation application and demonstration projects in industry, building and communication fields, especially for EPC projects in public facilities;

B. introduce market-based solutions for urban resource and environmental system, combine business mode with new technology, support enterprise as project undertaker, which shall be capable of offering overall solutions and innovative technologies, provide cities and society with feasible and exemplary business mode.

Project support object, namely, an enterprise which will undertake trial and demonstration project, and shall possess competitive advantage in project application and promotion: (i) whether the enterprise is qualified and capable of undertaking project; (ii) whether project-based technology innovation and application have been tested by market mechanism and benefit, have been successfully commercialized, and are measurable and appreciable; (iii) whether the enterprise leaders have strong social responsibility and leadership in project application and promotion, whether enterprise team has pioneering spirit and well-recognized social responsibility.

Platform Construction

Include narrow and broad platforms; the first one is to establish an international information exchange network, namely, organize influential international conferences, forums and workshops on a regular basis, with a view to gathering global resources, sharing and exchanging technology, information and resource and so on.

Broad platform, which is divided into three sides:

1. International Cooperation Platform

As a huge market in the world, China plays an important role in global low-carbon economic development. Therein, international cooperation will play a vital role, and it is a two-way cooperation: (i) domestic enterprises and cities seek cooperation with foreign counterparts; (ii)foreign enterprises, cities, governments, international organizations seeks cooperation with domestic counterparts. Therefore, it is necessary to establish an international cooperation platform, which is based on profound knowledge and understanding on domestic and overseas situations, aims at integrating resource and forces conducive for all relevant parties, reaching smooth and coordinated international cooperation; At the same time, in consideration of unique domestic economic development pattern and policy environment, which are deeply impressed by China¡¯s traditional history condition and culture background, such two-way cooperation, like cooperation channel, implementation means, institutional factors concerned, has clear or distinct features. Thus, an international cooperation platform, on the one hand, will give a big boost to overseas enterprises, cities, governments, international organizations in seeking and strengthening cooperation, on the other hand, help China understand and formulate feasible and tailored market development mechanism in a clear way, and establish cooperative and win-win channels;

2. Appeal Platform

Namely, a platform which may respond to enterprises¡¯ appeal on changing outmoded mode, industry policy and other general appeal, and pass them to relevant authority; Against the backdrop of government-dominance and social-service system, the appeal from enterprises, espec

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