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IEEPA Secretary General met with Minister Counsellor of Russian Embassy to China

On July 28, 2011, Jon Li, Secretary General of IEEPA, met with Tomikhin Evgeny, Minister Counsellor of Russia Embassy to China at the Russian Embassy in Beijing.

Firstly, Jon Li expressed thanks for the support of Russian Embassy to China. A special thanks was expressed for H.E. Ambassador Mr. Razova Liudmila and for Tomikhin Evgeny's attendance to the 4th WEC. He pointed out: IEEPA has made great efforts to boost the international cooperation projects in energy field, especially for market mechanism construction in increasing energy efficiency, like assisting city in improving capacity-building, boosting industrial development in energy conservation and environmental protection fields, etc. Russia was the major energy country, we looked forward very much to getting help and support from Russian side. Russia is a vital country who¡¯s voice and participation in world energy issues will be a major part of global sustainable development.

Tomikhin Evgeny welcomed Mr. Li's visit. He said: currently, China was at the primary stage of economic transition and development, and Russia was making efforts to develop modernization. Both countries had similarities as well as differences. Each country in the world had different systems, laws and policies. Energy conservation and environmental protection were important for the whole world, and different countries faced different issues when dealing with it. It was very important to boost energy conservation and environmental protection works under current conditions, which was not an issue for five or ten years, but a long-term one. It was significant and valuable to solve it through international exchange and cooperation. Russia Embassy to China would like to boost and support IEEPA's topic discussion in energy and environmental protection fields, together with IEEPA, jointly establish exchange and cooperation platform with Russian government leaders, experts, entrepreneurs.

Both parties also reached consensus on the international round-table meetings, set to be hosted by IEEPA at the end of this year, and on inviting Russian government to participate in preparatory work of the 5th WEC 2012.

Blake Margison, director of International Cooperation Center of IEEPA, also participated in the meeting.

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