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"Qingdao Declaration" Announced in the 4th WEC 2011

The 4th World Economic and Environmental Conference (the 4th WEC) opened in Qingdao on June 19, and Qingdao Declaration, whose purpose is to call on people to protect environment and treat the earth well, was also announced on the same day.

Wang Yani, a grade-6 student of Pingdu Experimental Primary School of Qingdao city, read out the Qingdao Declaration on behalf of the conference.

ˇ°The earth is the homeland we live by, our activity has an effect on the earth. Human's ceaseless pursuit of self-satisfaction is damaging the planet, environmental pollution from chemicals and mines, modern wars, excessive deforestation as well as over-fishing have led to ecological chaos and imbalance.ˇ±

 ˇ°The governments of different nations, NGOs and general public can make common efforts, enhance cooperation, to create a new cooperative situation in global ecological, environmental protection, low-carbon fields in a more open and active manner, to form a new and greater force in pushing forward ecological harmony and stability.ˇ± ˇ°enterprises shall be well aware that enterprise's responsibility for environment and society is on the basis of their long-term concern and attention to harmonious relationship between human and nature, enterprise and society.ˇ±

 ˇ°All of us can establish a brighter future and a more beautiful earth, and realize comprehensive and sustainable development of world economy and environment.ˇ±

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