Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability
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Address on the Press Conference of the 4th WEC of 2011

Make great efforts to build a professional, pragmatic and prospective conference linking China with the world, paying attention to harmonious development of low-carbon ecology and environmental protection

Jon Li, Secretary-General of IEEPA Consultative Council

Founded in 2008, World Economic and Environmental Conference (WEC) derived from the concept of global "Green New Deal" proposed by United Nations, whose goal was to lead various countries to make transition towards green, ecological development mode, to jointly combat continuous environmental degradation in the course of human activity and economic development.

The 1st and 2nd WECs, focusing on boosting “environmental protection and new energy industry”, aimed at establishing industrial cooperation platform. In 2010, the Chinese name of “世界环保大会”was finalized in the 3rd WEC, whose English name is World Economic and Environmental Conference, emphasizing harmonious and continuous win-win development between environmental protection and sustainable economic development. Its purpose was to push forward economic mode towards green ecological development. As an exchange and cooperation platform between government and enterprise, WEC is making great efforts to create mutual-benefit and win-win development mode between environmental protection and sustainable economic development. The successful holding of the 3rd WEC marked the beginning of WEC upgrading and transformation from industrial level to international level, and had epoch-making and milestone significance.

Road map of WEC has already been set up, namely, WEC will become a professional and independent brand since the 5th WEC in 2012, free from its organizer; taking Davos Forum as a long-term example to follow, and Boao Forum for Asia as short-term one. WEC is dedicated to building a professional, prospective and international conference in the field of sustainable development between the economy and environment.

First, it will have reference value: we will carry out investigation and research on policy, industry and enterprise before the meeting. During and after the meeting, and analytic report will offer valuable information for governmental agencies, foreign organization and enterprises, and become professional think tank and adviser for enterprises or industries;

Second, it will bring global resource sharing network and achievement popularization value: we will start our work in the form of organization or invitation, with sub-forum as orientation, to establish whole set of global resource network system, to launch information sharing, resource and project matching works, and to improve cooperation and communication before the meeting, and make extensive exchange during the meeting, and implement result after the meeting, furthermore, we will popularize and apply valuable cooperation projects and experience, organize professional meeting, implement professional follow-up work, which is a systematic and continuous value embodiment.

In conclusion, it will form unique positioning and style: we will not put rigid restriction, but offer valuable things for attendees, do practical things for environmental protection, sustainable development and economic growth, and upgrade WEC image, to develop into a grand meeting with deep social influence.

CCTV Live Interview with IEEPA Secretary General Jon Li

In the future, WEC, footing on China as well as the world, will consistently and jointly perform its mission and duty, to push forward "win-win development among humanity, economy and environment".

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