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Secretary-General Invited to Make Speech in the 2nd China Wind Energy International Summit

On Apr. 13, 2010, the 2nd China Wind Energy International Summit was held in Beijing. Jon Li, Secretary-General of IEEPA was invited to attend the summit and make a keynote speech: Wind Power Industrialization in China's Regional Economy.

Concerning "the Era of 2010 Wind-Power Development and Change is Coming", Mr. Li gave following opinions: China's wind-power installed capacity reduced sharply from 100% several years ago to 30% or so, which will construct China's development pattern in wind power enterprise. Along with the ending of main investment layout in wind-power industry, investment industry chain will transfer to core parts and upper and lower value chain. At the same time, he also gave opinions on development phase, price competition, internal and external environment, policy and system, investment value chain transfer, investment subject diversification and so on.

Concerning China's wind energy investment, he discussed following four chances: 1. parts manufacturers have an advantage over complete machine manufacturers, especially for main bearing, control system and variable flow system, who have more market investment opportunity; 2. there are large investment opportunity in energy storage battery market; 3. technology investment on complete generating machinery manufacturing remains the core value; 4. future business opportunity is great in China's offshore wind energy.

Focusing on questions of China's regional economic layout in wind power generation, Mr. Li insisted that blind development on wind power bases supported by local governments is the main reason of unordered regional economic pattern. Wind power generation is not an effective channel for regional economic development. At the same time, wind-power enterprises shall not only seek local government support, but lay stress on sustainable development, establish cooperation with higher education institution, train local talents, and transfer knowledge to suppliers; we shall achieve technical and innovative capability, share industry experience and expertise, establish advantageous wind-power production and research base with local enterprises.

Talking of development chance of wind energy industry in northeast Asia, Mr. Li gave following explanation by taking Changchun city as an example: wind-power industry and wind-power equipment manufacturing will become new growth point in northeast Asia. Aside from that, he also expounded it from the perspective of policy force, market demand, natural conditions and so on.

In conclusion, he also invited guests attending the meeting to paid a visit to Changchun High-Tech Development Zone and New Energy Industry Area.

This conference was afforded with official support by IEEPA, as well as support by WWEA and INWEA.

Background information: In March 2010, the National Energy Administration held wind-power working meeting in energy industry, launched comprehensively wind-power industry standard construction. Wind-power equipment standard, product detection and certification systems will be established and improved. It is reported that the National Energy Administration will formulate "Wind-power Standard System Framework (draft standard for discussion)", which will be programmatic document for future wind-power standard construction.

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