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IEEPA Secretary-General Met With Maldives Minister

On July 29, 2010, Jon Li, Secretary-General of IEEPA, met with Mohamed Aslam, Maldives Minister of Housing, Transportation and Environment, as well as Ahmed Latheef, Maldives Ambassador in China in VIP Hall of Beijing Asia Hotel.

Mr. Mohamed Aslam visited China and attended the conference at the invitation of the Organizing Committee of the 3rd WEC.

Secretary-General Li firstly expressed greeting to his arrival, then made an inquiry on the work of Maldives government to respond to climatic change and ecological environment maintenance currently.

Minister Mohamed Aslam replied with thanks, and praised that: in the course of world's response to new questions and new challenges, pursuing jointly solutions, the 3rd WEC unveiled the curtain timely. It is an important international platform of encouraging NGOs to make exchanges and share views; furthermore, he also made a brief presentation on the current measures Maldives took to positively protect coastline environment engineering, fishery and agriculture, to which Mr. Li afforded affirmative comment.

In conclusion, both parties reached broad consensus on strengthening international cooperation, and pushing forward common construction in relevant field in the future.

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