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IEEPA Led Global 500 Enterprises Delegation to Anhui Province for Economic Cooperation Talks

IEEPA led a delegation of global 500 enterprises and multinational corporations to Anhui province to discuss regional economy project cooperation. The theme was ¡°Promotion of a regional eco-economy, to realize a low-carbon economy and market innovation¡±. IEEPA also attend the opening ceremony of the 6th Investment and Trade Expo 2010 Anhui China. The IEEPA delegation was comprised of global 500 enterprises and multinational corporations, which include ABB, GE, DELL, Dryvit, Pfizer, and The Cohen Group.

IEPPA had meetings with local and city officials in Anhui. This included Hefei provincial and local leaders. A special trip was arranged to meet the national development park directors of Hefei as well. IEEPA also visited Wuhu where the delegation was met by the city mayor and top city party member officials. At each meeting Mr. Li led the delegation in explaining our purpose and goals of visiting. Officials warmly shared the current conditions of the city, progress they have made, and great concern for promoting a sustainable development path. Each company in the delegation also shared their success stories in other cities and expressed their desire to learn more about the city in the up coming days. The main issues discussed were

1.Anhui province green development and promotion of green industry companies. Under this new development path how to attract global 500 enterprises and multinational corporations to invest and set up factories in Anhui.

2.To build a circular economy with focuses on establishing a sustainable development plan

3.Anhui province should strengthen cooperation with NGO¡¯s with expertise knowledge and an international resources platform. This will allow for an effective government steering measures and industry support, promoting energy-saving environmental protection industry and market mechanism¡¯s of a low-carbon economy.

4.For global 500 enterprises and multinational corporations, how to connect the environmental and economy, in the meantime realize returns on market investment creating a win-win for the environmental and economy.

During the investigation, ABB Group and GE stated that they saw numerous projects for potential cooperation. Asia pacific manager of Pfizer expressed their intention to investment in Anhui province.

The thirteen person delegation led by secretary general and Secretary-General of IEEPA included global 500 enterprises and multinational corporations who visited Hefei, Wuhu, CHERY MOTOR, Hefei Thermoelectric Group Ltd, and Guozhen Environmental Protection etc.

Secretary General Jon Li with Wuhu Municipal Committee of the CPC Secretary

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