Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability
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Maldives ĘC A Disappearing Country

This summer the Maldives government contacted IEEPA to be a part of our Third World Environmental Conference. At the conference the Maldives Minster of Housing and Environment shared the story of his country and people and how climate change is directing effecting his country.

Minister Mohammed expressed that unless climate change is addressed and carbon reduction reduced his country will be the first to disappear of the face of the earth because of the rising oceans. With its rich history and unique culture the losing the Maldives would be a tragedy that could have been averted.

He went out to express that green development is not hindrance, but a new opportunity for social development. Where is the opportunity? We need the support of politicians. Therefore, Maldives announced its 2020 Carbon Neutral target, which is designed to create such opportunity.

In the beginning, the political proposal met with many hindrances, but this is natural. People will not accept new technology until such technology can truly bring benefit to them.

In order to achieve green development, 3 things need to be considered: political willingness, technology and financial support. We believe we have the capacity to change our life, and let us work together, make joint effects to achieve green development.

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